Ray J Gives "I Hit It First" A Whole New Meaning

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Does anyone else find it kind of hilarious that while Ray J's famous ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian marries Kanye West, he ends up in the news during the same window of time?

We all know Ray J is still mad that as the other person in the Kardashian sex tape, he wasn't the break-out star.

That's because he took the time to put out a song (with a laughably incorrect title at that) to inform us of the fact.

With Kimye tying the knot in Italy, it wouldn't have been too shocking to see an article about Ray J's hard feelings.

Instead, Ray J made the news following a Friday night arrest.

The reality star apparently behaved like a total jackass and wound up thrown in jail.

Brandy's younger brother supposedly grabbed a woman's rear-end and what followed was a brief altercation.

The incident took place at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

When hotel staff members asked the "I Hit It First" singer to leave, he blatantly refused.

Apparently, that's when ALL hell broke loose.

Even the arrival of Beverly Hills police officers could not get the rowdy singer to simmer down.

Ray J was eventually taken into custody, but it sounds like there was still some fight left in the reality TV star.

As the BHPD drove Ray J to the police station, the angry 33-year-old allegedly used his feet to shatter the patrol car's side window.

Officers also claim that while they were restraining his feet to keep him from doing any additional damage, Ray J spit in the face of one of the officers.

The morning after his night of botched debauchery, Ray J awoke to find himself in serious trouble.

He avoided a charge of sexual battery over the groping incident, but the singer may still be held accountable for everything that happened afterward.

Ray J faces charges of trespassing, vandalism, resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer.

His bail was set for $20,000.

Perhaps in the future, the sullen singer will take a minute to listen to his own advice:

As for the rest of us, let us do as Ray J says rather than as he does.


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