Rare Tornado Strikes Hard in Western Washington


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After extensive review, the National Weather Service has confirmed that the wind damage imposed on Western Washington was the work of a vicious, rare tornado. Several industrial buildings and commercial structures south of Seattle were damaged.

The 'early winter storm' produced a record amount of rainfall, leaving thousands without power in the Pacific Northwest. According to the Washington Post, a vast number of power outages were reported, as early as Sunday evening, due to high winds. Portland General Electric reported an estimated 90,000 outages, Puget Sound Energy reported another 12,000, and Seattle City Light calculated only 3,000 outages late Sunday evening.

The tornado made landfall in the Frederickson industrial area of Seattle around 7:20am Monday morning. The area suffered high winds' damage, causing minor structural damage to the notable Boeing Factory, and a Northwest Door Factory where as the roof was completely detached from the building. Another building located in proximity of the Seattle tunnel project was also damaged.

According to Seattle meteorologist Johnny Burg, a street team had been assembled to assess the damage, all while recording eyewitness accounts. Burg also confirmed that no one was injured.

Seattle's Central Pierce Fire and Rescue Department took to Facebook in an effort to provide visual coverage of the tornado damage.


Image(s) via Facebook | Central Pierce Fire & Rescue