'Rapper's Delight' Cover Wows on 'Tonight Show'


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It's way too early to predict how successful Jimmy Fallon will be at replacing Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, but his first week is certainly off to a strong start. After teaming up with Will Smith to teach us about hip-hop dancing on Monday, Fallon aired a mashup video of NBC news anchor Brian Williams rapping Rapper's Delight last night, and it is hilarious.

Williams is in Sochi covering the Olympics--the only thing stopping him from rapping live, we're sure--so Fallon's tech team put together a series of clips from old broadcasts to form the cover of The Sugarhill Gang's Rapper's Delight. NBC's Lester Holt joined Williams in the video, making the funny video even more over the top.

Check out the Brian Williams cover of Rapper's Delight below.

It might be tough to wrap your mind around the words "to the bang bang boogie" coming out of Williams's mouth, especially if you've never seen any of Fallon's other Williams rap videos, but it certainly makes for some good laughs. Judging from the late night host's Twitter account, Fallon was quite pleased with this one.

If you enjoyed Rapper's Delight, check out a couple more Williams rap mashup videos below.

Since being uploaded to YouTube, the Rapper's Delight video has been viewed more than a million times. That's a far cry from the seven million hits Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing has gotten so far, but the view count will probably pick up a bit as the video continues making its way around the Internet.

In what will likely be the highlight of Jimmy Fallon's first week as The Tonight Show host, First Lady Michelle Obama will appear on tonight's episode. The last time Fallon and Obama teamed up we were given the amazing Evolution of Mom Dancing, so one can only imagine what the First Lady will be up to tonight.

Image via YouTube