Rapper Lil' Boosie Released From Prison

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Torrance Hatch, more commonly known as Lil Boosie, was released from Louisiana State Penitentiary on Wednesday night. A press conference is scheduled on March 10.

The schedule for the Baton Rouge rapper’s release was slated for May, but Lil Boose was able to complete his self-help program on Wednesday afternoon, which earned him credits that made him eligible to be released earlier than expected. Not even the rapper knew that he was going to be released from prison that night.

Lil Boosie, 31, was serving his 8-year sentence on drug charges. He was imprisoned when he pleaded guilty to his third offense of marijuana possession and for smuggling contraband into the Louisiana State Penitentiary and the Dixon Correctional Institute. He also faced a first-degree murder charge for killing Terry Boyd, but was acquitted.

Shortly after arriving in prison, the rapper was quick to violate rules but eventually came around and started joining rehabilitation programs to better himself. Sources say that he would have gotten out even earlier if he hadn’t violated rules during his stay.

In the state penitentiary, Lil Boosie was able to complete a religion-based program, a substance abuse program, and was able to get his GED certificate on March 9, 2013. Upon acquiring his certificate, the rapper said that he wished his grandmother were there to witness his achievement.

After being released from prison, a van took Hatch to the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office where family and friends greeted him and took him home to New Orleans. He must also report to a parole officer on Thursday, as he is freed on the condition of supervised parole, which is said to last until 2018. His parole restrictions are not publicly known yet but will be clear once he has had a meeting with his parole officer.

There are no other pending charges against Hatch, but he is scheduled to appear in court on March 14 in front of Judge Richard Moore.

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