Rand Paul Will Shoot Your Drone Out of the Sky

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In what CNN has dubbed a "historic" interview, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul spent a little over a minute answering questions via Snapchat.

I'm guessing that's the historic part, as CNN says this is the first-ever Snapchat interview with a U.S. lawmaker.

Paul was asked about a handful of topics, including the 2016 race, Hillary Clinton, and drones. Considering the fact that a drunk government employee just crashed a drone into the White House lawn, drones are a pretty hot topic of conversation.

So, what did the possible Presidential candidate have to say about drones?

"Drones should only be used according to the Constitution ... but if they fly over my house, they better beware because I've got a shotgun."

Fair enough. He wouldn't be the first.

Image via CNN, YouTube

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