Ralph Lauren's Niece Fined For Wreaking Havoc On Delta Flight

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Jenny Lauren, niece of Polo fashion tycoon Ralph Lauren, was fined $ 2000 euros (approx. $2715) for "air rage" that forced the New York-bound flight she was on to divert to Ireland.

The 41-year-old jewelry designer pleaded guilty on Wednesday to being drunk and wreaking havoc on a Delta Air Lines flight from Barcelona to New York. The crew had to divert the plane to Shannon, Ireland to boot her from the plane.

The drama started when a flight attendant spotted Lauren crying in her couch and went to console her. In a surprise reaction, Lauren told the flight attendant to “get the f**k out” of her face.  She then chased the attendant Constance Topping throughout the main aisle of the plane. According to Inspector Tom Kennedy, the flight attendant was attacked both verbally and physically.

The altercation caused concern among passengers who began standing out of their seats. She told Topping that she was going to go ballistic and pushed her hard against the wall of the plane, Kennedy said. She then called Topping a “f***ing ugly, blonde b***h.”

Supervising flight attendant Jennifer Simpson and the plane's pilot were not spared her wrath either when they tried to intervene. The tirade lasted close to an hour before the aircraft landed in Ireland to eject her from the flight.

Her attorney Sharon Curley told the court that Lauren could not remember what had transpired in the incident and that she was “extremely embarrassed and extremely upset by her actions.”

Curley also said Lauren, who fears flying, had taken three alcoholic drinks after taking prescription medication.

Officials said the diversion cost the airline $43,158 and inconvenienced more than 100 people who were in the aircraft.

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