Rajon Rondo Talks Projected Return, 'No Timetable' As of Yet


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It'll take more than an ACL injury to keep down Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo! However, it will take him some time to re-establish some physical attributes that have been sacrificed due to the injury. With the Celtics current 12-17 record this season, fans have definitely been wondering when the star point guard would be making his return to the court.

So Rondo decided to address the burning questions on Sunday, following the Celtics 106-79 loss against the Indiana Pacers. For the first time since his injury, Rondo broke his silence reports CBS Boston. His return projection wasn't as definitive of an answer as fans may have expected. But, at least he was totally honest, offering no false hope to fans or himself. However, the 4-time NBA All-Star did outline the dominant component that would be a determining factor for when he'd play again this season.

“My endurance is key for me. I don’t want to come back and not be fully 100 percent as far as my health, and me being in shape as well, because the worst thing is me coming back and not being in shape and have another injury, so I want to make sure I’m in basketball condition.”

It was also reported that Rondo actually returned to full-contact practice this past week. He was also able to partake in 5-on-5 scrimmage drills. The 2-time NBA Assist Leader also gave a quick run-down of what practice currently consists of for him, as he makes great strides to get himself into 'game-condition'. “I’ve had one practice and a pickup game, that’s about it,” Rondo said.

When asked of his expected return, Rondo offered an evasive timeline for his return this season. “It might be mid-January, late February,” he said. “I’m going to come back when the time is right and I get my stamina.”

“I’m just listening to my body,” he added. “If my body told me I was 100 percent, I’d be playing now. I’m not.”

Rondo also admitted, as an example, that he quite winded and fatigued by the second scrimmage during practice on Friday. So, if practice required great effort, an actual game would prove to be unbearable right now. However, fans can be sure when he does return, he'll definitely be good as new.

Image via Twitter | Rajon Rondo