Rachel Zoe Cancels New York Fashion Week Appearance

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Ever since word got out that Rachel Zoe's 2014 collection would consist of a French Bohemia and Mod look, both the press and Zoe's fans were looking forward to getting a closer look for themselves at this year's New York Fashion Week, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen, as Zoe just announced that she won't be attending the event, and her line won't be presented at all.

The 42-year designer made the announcement this past Friday. "While I look forward to New York Fashion Week each season, I've made the difficult decision to move our fall 2014 runway show from Feb. 13 in New York to a later date in Los Angeles," she said in a statement to WWD.

"As a new mother, my newborn son is too young to travel with me, and I'm unable to leave him for the amount of time required to appropriately prepare for the show in New York."

Although Zoe's fans are sure to be disappointed, a good number of people are praising her for making such a responsible decision and putting her family first. "Motherhood ahead of the business," one person wrote in response to the news. "It makes a lot of sense to me." "Good for her," another person wrote. "Her child comes first. Perhaps a certain Kardashian should take note."

Zoe and her husband Rodger Berman, had their second son Kais Jagger on Dec. 22, 2013. They also have a son named Skyler Morrison Berman, who was born in March of 2011.

Shortly after Skyler was born, Zoe talked about the importance of motherhood and how having a baby completely shifted her level of happiness. "I'm the happiest I've been, ever," she said. "I'm happy all the time, it's weird nothing ever gets me upset. I know it's this weird revelation I've experienced as a mother."

"I just look at his face and if I'm super stressed it just goes away. It happened to me yesterday. I was coming home from work, I was kind of stressed out, then I just looked at him and went 'ugh' it doesn't matter. I just think you don't sweat the small stuff anymore."

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