Rachel McAdams in "Aloha": First Look At Trailer

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Rachel McAdams, along with a slew of other big stars, is in the new Cameron Crowe movie, Aloha.

Aloha stars Bradley Cooper as a military contractor, Brian Gilcrest, who returns to the site of one of his greatest career wins after blowing a big assignment.

That career win would be none other than the U.S. Space program in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Rachel McAdams plays his ex-girlfriend who struggled to put her life back together after he left her in Hawaii.

Rachel McAdams' character and her nostalgia must compete with the new girl.

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Emma Stone stars as Allison Ng, who is a hard-hitting Air Force officer who slowly, but surely, falls in love with Gilcrest as she works with him.

If the trailer was interpreted correctly, it seems he has a soft spot for her as well, and must decide whether his heart belongs to Emma Stone's character or Rachel McAdams as his lovely ex.

My sister.

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The cast in this movie is amazing.

In addition to Rachel McAdams, Bradley Cooper, and Emma Stone, it also stars Bill Murray as a billionaire who is in the process of launching a satellite system, John Krasinski as Rachel McAdams' current partner (boyfriend? husband? Can't tell.), and even Alec Baldwin as Gilcrest's angry superior officer.

This is Cameron Crowe's first film since We Bought A Zoo. He is also known for many other films including classics like Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous, and Say Anything.

I absolutely cannot wait to see this movie.

What do you think? Does Aloha look awesome or what? And can you wait to see Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone acting together?

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