Rachel Maddow Explains What Could Happen In Speaker Debacle

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Rachel Maddow had a laugh or two at Republicans in Congress, who can't seem to get their act together.

John Boehner announced that he is retiring from his position as speaker of the house last month, leaving a vacant position that no one wants to fill.

After his assumed replacement, Kevin McCarthy, backed out of the race and those being lobbied for the position, like Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy, explicitly said they will not do it, all hell broke lose.

Now, Republicans are scrambling to find a replacement for John Boehner and the turmoil that has plagued the fractured party is coming home to roost.

On Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show on Thursday, she explained a few options that might occur if Republicans can't find a new speaker to replace John Boehner.

Rachel Maddow described option number one, saying, “Someone could become viable. The Republicans could reach deep into their souls and find a Kumbaya center they didn’t know they had … and therefore find someone from Congress who could get 218 votes.”

They are working on that, but in the mean time, there's option number two to think about.

Rachel Maddow said option number two is, “They could find somebody to do it who could get 218 votes, who is not a Republican member of the House. Technically, that is legal. It doesn’t have to be a member of Congress to be speaker, so it could just be anyone in the world.”

Rachel Maddow listed Nancy Reagan, "that guy from Duck Dynasty" and a Chik-fil-A sandwich as possible selections for option number two.

As for option number three, Rachel Maddow said, “There could just be no speaker. That would mean no votes, no convening, no offices, no nothing. Nobody can do business, and Congress just closes.”

And for option number four, which will not be a great option for John Boehner or those in Congress who cheered his departure, Rachel Maddow said, “Which brings us to option four -- which is honestly the most likely thing to happen -- which is John Boehner is not allowed to quit.”

That would make a few people angry!

What do you think about Rachel Maddow's list of possible outcomes for this speaker debacle? What do you think is most likely to happen?

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