Rachel Frederickson Gains Weight Post-Controversy

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It looks like everyone that was concerned about Rachel Frederickson's startling weight loss can breathe a little easier.

The Biggest Loser contestant who dropped down to 105 lbs in order to claim the big prize has put on a little weight since the show ended.

When Frederickson strutted on stage for the Biggest Loser season finale, everyone present was stunned by her 155 lb weight loss. Coach Jillian Michaels was visibly concerned and later spoke up about her misgivings.

The change was so drastic that it left many at home wondering whether or not the weight loss methods Frederickson used were ethical.

Frederickson now weighs in at about 126 lbs.

The difference between Frederickson's season finale frame and her current one makes it clear that expecting Biggest Loser maintaining such a staggering weight loss result was probably a big ask.

The difficulty in maintaining successful weight loss achieved on the show is an ongoing criticism of the Biggest Loser.

There are a few contestants who stick close to their season finale weight. Others gain weight, but find themselves fit and happy. Some don't return to their starting weight, but it's clear they weren't able to maintain a healthy weight after the show. Finally, there are those unfortunate individuals who return to about the weight they were before they appeared on The Biggest Loser.

It looks like Frederickson is content to stay at a size that is healthier than both her pre-Biggest Loser weight and season finale weight.

After putting on the 20 lbs, Frederickson told Us that she strongly suspects that she's now at her "perfect weight"; she's neither too big nor too skinny.

"I work out an hour, six days a week. I love classes like SoulCycle," said Frederickson.

As a former athlete, fitness isn't a foreign concept to the 24-year-old. It's likely that she just needed the show to return to a weight and mentality that was there all along.

As long as she avoids the extremes, Frederickson will continue to be a Biggest Loser success story.

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