R. Kelly Pays Poignant Tribute to Nelson Mandela

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R. Kelly wrote a song for the late Nelson Mandela a while back, and he even performed it for the South African president while a guest in his home. Called Soldier's Heart, he performed the song yet again Thursday night in a poignant tribute, on The Arsenio Hall Show.

The singer first met Mandela during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. He played the song on Mandela's own piano when performing for him at his home.

The Arsenio Hall Show opened on Thursday even with a quote from the late Nelson Mandela.

"It always seems impossible until it's done."

While many celebrities jumped to honor the passing of Nelson Mandela, R. Kelly has this moment in time--a place in Mandela's past--that he will no doubt always remember fondly. He experienced first hand the strength and grace that was the South African leader. He honored him using his own special gifts.

Twitter followers were clearly moved by R. Kelly's performance on The Arsenio Hall Show.

The gentle but powerful lyrics of R. Kelly's song read, "the mountains seemed impossible to climb until he stood on the front line." What a fitting tribute to Nelson Mandela, who gave so much of his own life so that life would be better for those living in South Africa. The Arsenio Hall Show and R. Kelly are to be commended for their touching tribute.

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