Quentin Tarantino’s New Beverly: Employees Not Happy

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A longtime employee of L.A.’s New Beverly Cinema is claiming that the cinema is a nightmare now that Tarantino has put it under new management. Julia Marchese worked at the theater before Tarantino took it over last month and decide to stay on so she could help run and operate it.

The cinema was closed for renovation but reopened earlier this month. While Marchese was excited for the opening she is now saying that things are not going well and says that she was even forced to quit by Tarantino''s personal assistant Julie McLean, who is now acting as General Manager.

“I went through the last six weeks really thinking Quentin was going to make it better,” Marchese told Deadline. “The thing that’s most shocking to me is that he’s allowing it and I can’t even talk to him about it. To not even be allowed to state my case is unfair.”

Marchese said that Tarantino was very hands-on and involved during the renovation of the theater but is now unreachable. She said that she has not been allowed to have direct contact with Tarantino in spite of her requests and questions.

Tarantino helped bring a lot of media attention to the Beverly when he purchased it and the employees and customers who loved the theater hoped that he would be able to help with the financial problems, clean the place up and bring in new business.

Marchese said that while many of the changes were beneficial to the Beverly, a lot of them also took away from its personality and left her in an awkward position.

“Although I was now a manager in title, I was never given any job parameters or instructions,” she wrote. “I was constantly left in the dark, my emails unanswered. Emails about the status of our social media. Emails about why showtimes aren’t easy to find online. Emails about our inventory, about the theater, about my position. Emails asking for help. I was completely frozen out.”

She is hoping that Tarantino will see the problems with the cinema and make an effort to fix them.

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