Queen Latifah Uses Own Money to Pay Staff for Holidays

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Queen Latifah paid the laid-off staff from her talk show, The Queen Latifah Show, with her own money to ensure they all had funds for the holidays.

According to a report from E! News, it was announced just a month ago that the show had been cancelled after its two-season run.

When Queen Latifah realized the layoff would seriously impact some members of her staff for the holidays, she took it upon herself to make sure that didn't happen.

She wrote a letter to members of her staff so they would understand just how much she valued them.

"Your dedication and sacrifice was crucial to the entire team, and in the face of intense challenges, you displayed 'True Grit'!" she wrote. "Thank you for your strong work ethic and great effort in getting The Queen Latifah Show off the ground and running.

"Your Family, Partners, Staff and Crew showed up with you every step of the way. Be very proud of that! Not everyone can say the same," the message continued. "You can also say you have been a blessing to and been blessed by amazing guests and incredible audiences for this show. We truly changed people's lives for the better. So…stay positive, stay strong, and most important, stay open...There is so much more God has in store!"

Queen Latifah ended the post with words of inspiration.

"This letter is for me, my staff, my crew, and everyone who was by my side for this incredible journey," she wrote. "The most important thing in life is that you wake up every single day and take chances. No matter what the outcome…believe in yourself and continue to fly."

In addition to paying her staff for the holidays, Queen Latifah must have made them feel very needed and very loved with her kind words. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone had an employer like her--at least once in their lives? Her former staff's new bosses will have a lot to live up to.

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