Quadruple Homicide: Kyle Trevor Flack Is Accused Of Murder In Ottawa, Kansas

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Franklin County Judge of Ottawa, Kansas, Thomas Sachse, has ordered Kyle Trevor Flack to stand trial for the murder of an 18-month-old girl and three adults.

On May 2012, Flack, 28, was charged with attempted rape, weapons violation, first-degree murder, and capital murder. The bodies of three adults, Kaylie Bailey, Steven White, and Andrew Stout, were found at Stout’s farm in Ottawa, which is located around 50 miles from Kansas City. A few days after, the body of Bailey’s little girl, Lana Leigh Bailey, was found in Osage County. The body was wrapped in a blanket and placed in a suitcase that was left by a creek.

Several witnesses testified and described how the bodies of the victims looked when they were found. Testimony showed that all of the four victims died from gunshot wounds to the upper body, face, and the head. The medical examiner also said that the little girl might have suffered the most out of the four, as her death did not come instantly.

The defense, however, says that the tests are inconclusive as the firearms expert and the medical examiner cannot determine what type of shotgun the bullets came from.

At the preliminary hearing, the judge stated that there was enough evidence to try Flack on weapons and murder charges. Flack cannot legally carry a firearm, as he was convicted in 2005 for second-degree murder and was paroled in 2009. The initial charge of rape was later changed to attempted rape, as the judge says that the DNA evidence is not enough to support the claim.

Flack’s arraignment is slated for April 22. The chief of the Kansas Death Penalty Defense Unit, Ron Evans, represents him.

A week after the arraignment, prosecutors must decide if they are going to seek death penalty, as it has been 49 years since the last execution in Kansas.

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