Python Pizza- Would You Dare To Try It?


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When it comes to the topping on pizza, some people and restaurants can get a little crazy. If you thought pineapple and anchovies were strange toppings, wait until you try a python pizza from Evan's Neighborhood Pizza in Fort Myers, Florida.

The python pizza is a creative twist on pizza that includes toppings such as python meat, swamp cabbage, hog, alligator and frogs legs with the bone still in them. The python pizza was inspired by the Everglades and is apparently a very popular pizza. According to restaurant owner serves-up-an-interesting-pie/2521391281246/" target="_blank">Daniell said about the python pizza. You have different flavors throughout Evan Daniell, the pizzas are selling like crazy.

“I'm very adventurous when it comes to food, that's for sure,”

If you think the python pizza is cheap, think again. Although the toppings may be a little out there, they are also high quality and costly, with python meat costing around $66 per pound. The python meat is naturally chewy, so it is marinated and tenderized to make it taste better.
So what does a python pizza taste like?

According to a customer from Minnesota named Mike, "It's good but a little chewy."

"It tastes like chicken but chewier," said his wife.

If you are ready to try a python pizza, be prepared to $45 for one. The actual name of the pizza is the "Everglades Pizza" and you can order one the next time you find yourself in Fort Myers.

Image via YouTube.