Python Bali - Kills Security Guard


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A security guard working near the Hyatt Hotel in Bali, Indonesia was strangled to death by a wayward Python.

The victim, Ambar Arianto Mulyo, was a 59-year-old security guard at a nearby restaurant.

The 15-foot long python snake slithered across the road around 3 a.m. close to the luxury hotel, Agung Bawa, an assistant security manager at the hotel said.

The hotel in the resort town of Bali is presently closed for renovations until 2015, but the security guards were on duty closeby.

The python had been seen around the hotel and surrounding areas several times, and Mulyo decided to catch it, securing its head and body successfully.

He then put the snake over his shoulders to remove the snake from the area, when it tightened and gripped his body.

Local witnesses either couldn't help or didn't, but the man was strangled to death in front of them. They did manage to call the police, who got there too late to save him.

"It happened so fast," Bawa said. "We were sad because we could not do anything to help him."

The python the escaped into nearby bushes, and police were still searching for it. Denpasar police Capt. Gusti Ngurah Yudistira said Mulyo died of suffocation.

According to National Geographic It's very rare that pythons kill humans, but not unheard of. It occasionally happens if the circumstances are just right. Oftentimes, it's just kind of a perfect storm where you get a big hungry snake in close proximity to humans.

But humans are not a python's natural prey. The circumstances of a python killing and consuming a human are seldom.

The World Animal Foundation reports - "Despite their intimidating size and muscular power, they are generally not dangerous to humans. While a large adult python could kill a human being (most likely by strangling rather than actual crushing), humans are outside the normal size range for prey. Reports of python attacks on humans are extremely rare."

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