Proposing Through Google Glass Is Already a Thing, Will Probably Become a Bigger Thing

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Google Glass is still a technology in its infancy–with only a small percentage of "explorers" currently sporting the smart goggles. Still, that hasn't stopped them from documenting even the most intimate and personal experiences via Glass, for the entire world to see.

Case in point–the rash of Google Glass explorers that are using the tech to capture their marriage proposals. Google recently released a cutesy video called "Marry me (through Google Glass)," which features a handful of couples popping/getting popped the big question.

"The beauty of Glass is that it allows us to capture important moments both big and small. It's not about technology, it’s about the people who use it. Congrats to all our betrothed Explorers in this film, and thanks for sharing your special moment," said the Google Glass team in a post.

I think I know the next step.

Image via YouTube

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