'Project CARS' Studio Announces Free-to-Play Racing MMO


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Slightly Mad Studios, the developer behind the upcoming Project CARS, today announced that it will be releasing a free-to-play racing MMO later this year. Titled World of Speed, the game is being described as a "AAA massively multiplayer online arcade racing" game.

According to Slightly Mad, the game will feature dozens of cars and race tracks. Players will be able to race against each other through "clubs" or teams. Races will also feature missions and objectives to keep things interesting. In addition to the driving and racing, Slightly Mad stated that the game will see live events and player challenges. New cars, tracks, and modes are also promised for the future.

“At the heart of World of Speed lies a unique massive multiplayer online experience which incorporates dynamic social elements and entirely new ways to compete in a racing video game - from an individual to a team level,” said Ian Bell, CEO of Slightly Mad. “World of Speed is an online game and will be continuously supported with innovative and fresh content to keep the competition furious well after its launch.”

A release date for World of Speed has not been announced, though a closed beta has been scheduled for sometime this spring.