Pro-Tip For Guys: Never Give Your Girlfriend A Fake iPhone

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Is it weird that all the Apple news comes out of China? It seems that Chinese manufacturers have more to say about Apple products than the California-based company does itself. It also seems that Chinese citizens are far more rabid for Apple products than their U.S. counterparts could ever be. Case in point: some people are willing to die over them.

Kotaku reports that a young couple in China's Sichuan province had been in a few fights recently. The most recent fight was over the boyfriend's inability to buy his girlfriend an iPhone. She reportedly said, "All the other girls had one, I deserve one too." That kind of behavior can never be healthy for a relationship, but the young man bit the bullet for the one he loved.

After work the next day, he went out and bought her a brand new iPhone. Obviously, she was delighted until she realized that she lived in China and half of the electronics are fake knockoffs. The iPhone she was holding was indeed fake and the boyfriend was probably stupid enough to think she would fall for it.

This is where things get weird and dangerous. Upon learning that the iPhone was fake, she took to the top of the building to commit suicide. She reportedly screamed that her boyfriend was a liar and that a combination of deceit and fake Apple products made her life not worth living.

Fortunately, the young woman didn't die. She did, however, attempt to murder her boyfriend. Upon hearing that his girlfriend was going to jump, he ran to the roof to save her. She returned his worry with attempted murder by grabbing a brick to hopefully crush his head to a pulp. The police stopped her before any of the potential events could transpire, but it must have been a crummy day for all.

This is a story that reminds you that electronics and shiny toys are just that - toys. They are not worth dying over and they are definitely not worth killing somebody over. Sure, it was a crummy move by the boyfriend to buy her a fake iPhone, but she is equally at fault for losing her mind over a phone.

In short, guys shouldn't buy their girlfriends fake products as presents. People can generally tell the fakes apart from the real ones. People in general, and the woman in this case, should just be happy they have someone to share time together with. A relationship defined by an iPhone is not going to last.

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