Prince William Spotted Flying Coach?

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Could it possibly be?

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, eldest son of Charles the Prince of Wales and grandson to Queen Elizabeth II, will probably be the King of England one day. But that doesn't mean that the royal heir is too good to fly coach.

According to the Twitter account of Eli Ross, a reporter for Local 24 News and CW 30 News in Memphis, it at least looks like Prince William was riding with the common folks in coach on a flight from Memphis to Dallas.

A man that resembles Prince William or was actually Prince William was seen boarding an American Airlines flight on Sunday. The man reportedly sat by the window and ordered a water.

Ross quickly snapped off a picture and posted the tweet on his personal Twitter account.

Take a look for yourself:

It certainly looks like Prince William. Plus William and Prince Harry were in Memphis for a friend's wedding over the weekend, and it seemed like quite an eventful stateside trip for the brothers. The Twitter World had pictures and news stories all weekend of the royal heirs enjoying bbq, chowing on nachos, singing on stage, and even twerking.

So far, the story has not been confirmed or denied. However, if past history is any indication, Prince William has indeed flown coach before. News spread when Prince William and his wife Catherine Middleton flew coach while traveling from Edinburgh to Manchester in 2011.

What do you think? Is that really Prince William flying coach?

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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