Prince Harry: New Job, New Look, New Project


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Prince Harry worked as an Apache helicopter pilot for over 3 years, but is now ready for a job change. He recently quit his job as a pilot and took a position in London where he will work as a staff officer.

"Captain Wales has reached the pinnacle of flying excellence as an Apache pilot, particularly in Afghanistan," Lt. Col. Tom de la Rue, who commanded Prince Harry in the Army Air Corps, said in a release. "And, in the process, has proved to be a real inspiration to the many Army Air Corps officers and soldiers who have come to know him so well over the last two years."

Prince Harry spent three-and-a-half years in training and operational service with the Apache Force during his attachment to the Army Air Corps, and completed more than two months service with the British Army in Helmand province, Afghanistan in 2008.

A job isn't the only thing new with Prince Harry, he also recently trimmed his beard and is sporting a clean-cut appearance. Harry grew his beard out when he was participating in the Walking With The Wounded trek in Antarctica, which he completed in December, 2012.

A source close to the royal family claimed that Harry's grandmother, the queen, was not a fan of his beard and often teased him about it and asked him to shave it.

"Facial hair will never go down with the queen," the source said.

Prince Harry also announced that he would be working on a project called Warrior Games, that he described as Olympic-style sporting event for ill and injured service members and veterans. Harry is hoping to host an inaugural International Warrior Games later this year at the Olympic venues in Stratford, London.

What do you think of the new Prince Harry?

Image via Wikimedia Commons.