Prince Harry and Camilla Thurlow Do St. Tropez

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Prince Harry and his new girlfriend Camilla Thurlow are reportedly enjoying a romantic getaway in St. Tropez. The two have holed up at a friend's villa and are staying away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi as best they can.

"They've been talking until late into the night and having one of those magical times that you have when you first fall in love and want to find out everything you can about the other person," E! reports. "Harry's had no interest whatsoever in going out and just wants to focus on Camilla without any distractions."

Prince Harry and Camilla Thurlow have only been a couple for about six weeks, so it definitely appears as though things are heating up quickly. A royal insider claims she has some of the same qualities as Harry's late mother, Princess Diana.

"Camilla's the full package—she's got beauty and brains," the source said. "But Harry loves how she's devoted her life to charity—she's fully committed to helping other people and he sees a lot of his mother Diana's goodness in her."

Harry, it seems, "sees Camilla as much more than a fling," according to this source. "This was supposed to be Harry's last summer of fun before he turned 30 and got serious and settled down," they added. "The second he decided he'd spend July and August partying and being young, carefree and single while he still could be he was introduced to Camilla by his cousin Princess Beatrice and his crazy party plans went out of the window and all of a sudden he's acting like a contented married man. It's a great sign—it shows how mature he is now and that he realizes when he finds happiness to not let go of it and to nurture it."

Part of the reason behind Prince Harry and Camilla Thurlow's vacation was to enjoy an early birthday celebration for the prince, who turns thirty in just a few weeks.

"This trip's partly to celebrate Harry's 30th birthday which is just weeks away," another source explains. Prince William's younger brother will celebrate his milestone birthday on September 15th. "It's also because he deserves some time off work to relax and recharge his batteries."

It wasn't all that long ago that Prince Harry was romantically involved with Cressida Bonas. Their on-again, off-again romance spanned many months. It was rumored during their relationship that the royal family didn't find her to be suitable for Harry.

The fun in the sun is about to come to an end for Prince Harry and Camilla Thurlow, as he is expected back in the U.K. some time this coming week. It will be interesting to learn if the Harry and Camilla sightings begin in earnest once the two are back in the real world.

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