President Obama Probably Doesn't Approve This Message from Pauly Shore

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In the world of political endorsements, I'm not exactly sure where Pauly Shore ranks. Maybe somewhere between Lindsay Lohan and Kid Rock. I guess it really doesn't matter how the President of the United States feels about it, because Pauly Shore has endorsed him with a new rap song posted to his YouTube channel.

I mean, I guess he endorsed him. To be honest, I'm not sure what the message is here. Obama got Osama, I get that. But all the stuff with Kenya, Herman Cain, and Meet the Press? I don't know. Is this supposed to be Pauly Shore's perspective or Obama's?

With lines like "Meet the Press can press my meat," who the hell knows. Anyway, it's Friday, so here it is:

[via UPROXX]
Josh Wolford
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