President Obama At The NCAA Tournament Opening Round


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Now that his Final Four picks have been made, it's time for President Obama to see if his picks will make good or not. What better way than to take advantage of his position as leader of the free world and score choice tickets to the NCAA Tournament's opening round game between Western Kentucky and Mississippi Valley State?

At least Obama and his guest, British Prime Minister David Cameron, were treated to an exciting finish to the game they were watching, as Western Kentucky stormed back from a 16-point deficit with about five minutes left in the game. It's a good thing the dramatic comeback was included, because before the Hilltoppers showed signs of life, the game was a little underwhelming.

And that's why they play 40 minute games. These contests aren't over at the 35-minute mark.

During the halftime break, President Obama and his guest were interviewed by Clark Kellogg. While the portion simply confirmed Obama's position as an informed basketball fan, it was interesting to see the President be dwarfed by the person interviewing him. For those keeping score at home, Kellogg comes in as a 6-7 giant who used to dominate the paint while he played for Ohio State. Obama, according to Google, is 6-1, and the six-inch difference was quite noticeable.

It's safe to say Kellogg is probably the tallest person to interview President Obama, maybe ever. As for Obama's appearance at the tournament's opening game, unfortunately, some can't seem to separate politics from sports, something the comments of this particular YouTube video--also from the WKY/MSVS basketball game--demonstrate quite well:

@nicnini1 i agree that is something i would never do typically, but he was provoked! that's the only reason i made my comment. did you hear obama at halftime? he had the audacity during an interview at halftime to criticize the shot selection and the offensive scheme. obama is not the coach and he should keep his opinions to himself. i dont blame the kid for staring him down and thinking to himself, "what do you think of THAT shot, pres?" i would have done the EXACT SAME THING.

Apparently, for some, the only way Obama can win is to not say or do anything.