Premier League Ends With Manchester City On Top


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Manchester City won the Premier League on the final day of the season. For some it was sealed when Chelsea FC upset Liverpool FC at home 2-0.

However, the fact that it was never a sure thing until the very last day is a testament to how open and competitive this season truly was.

Their local rivals Manchester United tumbled from 1st to 7th within the same window of time.

The Red Devils would love to blame the entire debacle on the departed David Moyes.

One thing that should be appreciated is that the absence of Sir Alex Ferguson has created one heck of a vacuum in English football.

Not even Jose Mourinho and his notorious press commentary could fill it; his return to Chelsea brought no silverware to the London team.

Though many have said much about Liverpool FC "blowing it" in the last few games of the season, it's bizarre that nothing has been said of 4th placed Arsenal.

This is a team that lead the league for 128 days, more than any team this season and that includes Liverpool.

The fact that no one is asking what happened is amazing. Perhaps it is a sad representation of how no one, not even Arsenal fans, take the Gunners' title hopes seriously.

Arsenal may not end the season empty-handed despite league disappointments.

The Gunners face off against Hull City on May 17th. Should they win, they will earn their first trophy in a very long time.

They will head to the Champions League playoffs, so the Europa League spot they turn down will go to London rivals Tottenham Hotspurs.

If Hull were to win, it could shut the Spurs out of Europe. This would be an amazing turn of events after spending so much money thanks to their sale of former club talisman Gareth Bale.

Overall, it's been a great season of football for English Premier League fans. Hopefully the 2014-15 will be just as good.

Image via Wikimedia Commons