Predictions for 2014: What Can We Expect?

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A new year typically brings one or both of two things: Resolutions and predictions. As for predictions, it's fun to look at what's ahead and try and guess how we think things will turn out. Here are a few predictions that or may not take place next year.

A Fresh New Diet Craze: Nothing brings out the measuring tape and the scales like a holiday filled with fattening (and absolutely delicious) food. Millions of Americans will be looking for a quick fix early next year. And as always, there will be businesses ready to capitalize. You will probably hear about a new pill that allows you to eat thousands of calories, never exercise and magically get thinner. Of course actual research will show that as with past diet pill fads, there's always a catch. Here's some advice to help save you a ton of money: Cut calories, move around a little more. There is no magic wand that can be waved to help you drop one hundred pounds in a month or two.

Super Bowl Super Bowl XLVIII: There are changing playoff scenarios as we head into the final week of the NFL regular season. Some teams look stronger than others, but upsets are bound to happen. Who will go all the way? Based on how things are shaping up, I think there's a good chance we'll see the Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks. As I said, upsets do happen. Which team do YOU feel is most likely to rock the boat?

Leonardo DiCaprio Snubbed Again: Despite a lengthy career and a number of memorable performances, it seems that DiCaprio has been repeatedly been passed over for the Academy Award. Will he get a nod for his turn in "The Wolf of Wall Street"? Possibly. But with so much buzz circling other actors in much stronger movies, it's likely that DiCaprio will miss out on an Oscar yet again in 2014.


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