Powerball Jackpot Climbs To $194 Million


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The winning numbers for the Powerball drawing on January 29th were 11, 23, 28, 32, and 47; the Powerball number was 20. The Power Play number was 2.

There were no winners of the $171 million Powerball jackpot prize. As the winning numbers continue to elude eager participants, the jackpot continues to grow.

Not everyone walked away empty handed, as winnings for the last drawing totaled roughly $8.66 million. There were 592,462 winners in all.

The latest failure to claim the major prize resulted in the lottery jackpot increasing to an impressive $194 million. The cash value of the jackpot for those seeking a lump sum would be $110.7 million before taxes.

If the huge jackpot alone isn't enough to lure participants, the recent return of the Power Play multiplier might entice individuals to try their luck. The multiplier option is an additional $1, but instead of simply doubling one's winnings, participants who use the multiplier have the chance to multiply their winnings as much as five times.

The exceptions are of course anyone who wins the jackpot as well as anyone who wins the $1 million for matching five numbers but missing the Power Ball. The second largest prize can only be doubled to $2 million. With rule changes occurring all the time, eventually this may change as well.

At the same time, it's hard to imagine anyone so disappointed with losing out on the big prize that they would turn down hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention a chance to pocket more than a million in cash. In the end, winning big is relative.

The larger the jackpot becomes, and it is already just shy of $200 million, the more hype surrounds it and the more excited potential winners become. Expect the jackpot to balloon significantly as more and more people participate—That is if we have no winners in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile the Mega Millions jackpot continues to climb. though it hasn't reached the exciting nine figure stage yet. At present, it's worth $84 million in annuity payments, with a cash option of $46 million.

Image via ABC News Youtube