Power Ranger Allegedly Murders Roommate With Sword, Bail Set At $1Million

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A former star of the kid-friendly Power Rangers series was arrested for murdering his roommate last Saturday.

Ricardo Medina Jr. who starred in Power Rangers Wild Force was caught by the LAPD after calling 911. Medina Jr. had a violent altercation with his roommate, Joshua Sutter that afternoon. When the 36-year-old actor locked himself up in his room with his girlfriend, Sutter proceeded to break down the door to continue the fight.

Medina Jr. grabbed a sword that he kept in his room and allegedly stabbed Sutter in the abdomen. Police arrived on the scene and arrested the actor who remained on the scene. Sutter was sent to the hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after arriving.

Neighbors said that the actor kept mostly to himself and noted that they didn’t know much because he had only been living there for the past two months. Talking to ABC7, Medina’s agent, Gar Lester, described him as a super person. “He’s been my friend and client for 12 years and he’s a great guy,” Lester said. “He’s great to his dog, he’s great to his people.”

The local police charged Medina with homicide and is currently being held at the Palmdale Sheriff’s station with a $1 million bail. He is due to make an appearance in court this Tuesday.

Medina debuted on Power Rangers Wild Force portraying Cole Evans, the Red Ranger of the group. The show ran for 40 episodes back in 2002 and is currently enjoying its run in syndication. Medina also appeared in Power Rangers Super Samurai back in 2011 portraying a different character.

The Power Rangers franchise originated in Japan and became a huge part of popular culture. The franchise spawned a series of films, video games, and a lucrative merchandising deal. The 22nd season of the show, Power Rangers Dino Charge will begin airing on Nickelodeon this weekend.

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