Portia De Rossi Surprises Ellen DeGeneres With Skywriting For Their Sixth Wedding Anniversary


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Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres have been married six years. To celebrate their anniversary, de Rossi surprised her wife with a simple skywriting message: "six".

The romantic nature of skywriting is hard to debate. What is up for debate is how much Ellen DeGeneres is surprised by the gift. After all, the Ellen Show published on their official website photos of the couple on their first through fourth anniversaries two years ago. All of them involved skywriting. For all intents and purposes, it's now a tradition for the married couple. DeGeneres would probably be more surprised if de Rossi did not do skywriting for their anniversary.

Memory of the news media being what it is, the internet was the most shocked interest at the table. The Huffington Post quickly commented on the apparent "no-makeup selfie" DeGeneres tweeted out, describing it as "adorable":

Rumors upon rumors have plagued the couple recently about an impending divorce. Several anonymous insiders have come forward offering their outlook on the matter. One even said the couple was getting advice from Jennifer Aniston.

“After Portia got out of rehab, Jen reached out to her and they’ve been in close touch ever since. The joke among Jen’s friends is that she should charge a fee for her counseling. They call her 'Mama Jen' because she’s a nurturer and caretaker to everyone,” the anonymous source alleged, “Jennifer has listened for hours as Portia poured out her heart over the issues she and Ellen are grappling with, including fighting over whether to have a baby and how to deal with Ellen’s jealousy.”

Despite rumors, the couple recently bought a luxury Beverly Hills Condo. Now, they appear to have celebrated their wedding anniversary as usual.

Image via Ellen DeGeneres, Twitter