Portia De Rossi Gives Ellen An Awesome Anniversary Gift

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Choosing the right anniversary gift is a challenge for many couples.

Some want to be traditional while still giving their partner something special and meaningful, and others opt for the element of suprise.

Couples everywhere should take a lesson from Portia De Rossi, because she is great at choosing the right anniversary gift.

In the midst of breakup rumors, Portia decided to surprise Ellen DeGeneres with a special and personal anniversary gift.

Ellen and Portia have been married for six years and Portia decided to hire a skywriter to write a special message for Ellen.

Ellen was very excited about the gift and shared photos of the message and of herself and Portia on Twitter.

The photo shows that the skywriter spelled out the number six to symbolize the six years that the couple has been together.

They have hired a skywriter to do the same thing in past years, with each one spelling out the number of years the couple has been together.

Ellen and Portia married at their home in 2008 in an intimate ceremony that later aired on the Oprah Winfrey Show. They seem like a happy couple and one that will last forever.

Earlier this year rumors about a possible divorce began swirling.

The rumors suggested that Portia was struggling with an eating disorder and that the issue had driven a wedge between the two women.

While neither confirmed or denied the allegations, they still seemed happy and their recent anniversary celebration will likely put an end to the breakup rumors.

After enjoying the skywriter, Ellen and Portia celebrated with friends and family members at their home.

What do you think of Portia's anniversary gift to Ellen and do you think the break up rumors will stop ?

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