Portal 2 Makes Super Street Fighter II A Fighter For The Ages

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I was one of those weird kids that didn't like Street Fighter II that much when everybody else was playing it on the SNES. I much preferred Rare's Killer Instinct, but that was probably just due to the far superior announcer. Super Street Fighter II didn't do much else to make me a fan, but there are a few things that could greatly improve the fighter. One of those things is apparently a portal gun.

The guys at ThePixelKingdom has made me realize how amazing it would be to have a Portal gun in a fighter. Sure, you could argue that a portal gun is basically just cheating when it comes to fighters. I counter that argument by saying that a portal gun would make fighters absolutely hilarious. The mere concept of being able to hit your opponent with their own attacks or send them flying through the air at terminal velocity is absolute genius.

The only unfortunate part about this whole amazing thing is that it's not a real game. I highly doubt it will stay that way for long though. The temptation of being able to complete that stupid car punching mini-game in less than five seconds is too much to bear.

If you recall, there was a similar mash up of Portal and classic gaming not too long ago called Mari0. Better yet, that mash-up was a real game and it's been continuously updated to provide more levels and more challenges for those who want 2D platforming portal antics.

ThePixelKingdom asks what games should get the Portal treatment next. At this point, I feel like portal guns are the next Guile's Theme - it just goes well with everything. I'm partial to seeing a mashup of Castlevania and Portal just to see the look on Dracula's face.

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