Porsha Williams Reportedly Loses Car AND Married Sugar Daddy

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Oh, woe is Porsha Williams!

Not only was she demoted as a full-time cast member on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but apparently her sugar bowl is empty.

According to TMZ, Williams was the sugar baby to a unknown and very wealthy man.

A very married wealthy man.

He reportedly was all too happy to shower Porsha Williams with lavish gifts. However, there was one caveat: The sugar daddy apparently wanted his "close relationship" with her to stay off the radar.

Again the sugar daddy in question is supposedly married, so it's hardly surprising he wouldn't be looking to advertise the nature of his connection to Williams.

Rather than obey his wishes, allegedly Porsha used Instagram to show off all the lovely gifts, including a Rolls Royce!

The anonymous benefactor was said to have had it with Williams' behavior and cut her completely off.

While this may sound tragic, you need not worry about this Housewives star.

Thanks to her reality television ventures, Porsha is reportedly on a six figure income. However, having become used to a certain lifestyle, she may struggle to get used to paying her own bills again.

She was forced to sell the Rolls as she needed fast cash, but that aside, she seems to be taking the turn of events in stride.

Of having to sell her flashy car, Porsha Williams commented that she intended to "trade up" to a brand new car for the new year.

The car was reportedly worth a whopping $300,000.

It's hard to imagine she'll have trouble buying a brand new car with that money.

Although there was some controversy over there being no peach for Porsha, with this bit of gossip out in the open, her demotion is starting to make quite a bit of sense.

After all, it's kind of hard to sell someone who is allegedly a "backdoor sugar baby" as a pampered "housewife".

Do you think someone should be a main cast member on a Housewives reality television show if they aren't actually married while on the show?

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