"Polish Underground" Takes Down Government Websites

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In Warsaw, a group call the "Polish Underground" targeted the Polish Government's website. This comes following the weekends attack on websites belonging to Poland's president, prime minister and parliament.

The attacks are thought to be a protest to upcoming anti-piracy legislation. The legislation, titled: Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), would establish international standards for intellectual property protection. The government planned to enact the legislation without surveying the public.

As of Monday the Polish Government's website is still down. User's attempting to enter the site saw a scrolling message from the attackers,"Hacked by the Polish Underground: Stop ACTA".

It is not clear what the next step is for the Polish Government but Michal Boni, Poland's digitisation minister, admitted there was "a need for dialogue and consultation here in Poland".

The Polish government released this statement regarding the events:

"This morning the content on the www.kprm.gov.pl website was modified. As a result the server was switched off and secured. The site will be transferred to another server during the course of the day".

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