Police Officer Caught Tripping Kids At Soccer Game


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A Texas police officer has been caught on camera tripping students as they rushed the field at a soccer game. Officer George Bermudez was chosen as an outstanding police officer last year and has been with the Georgetown Police Department since 2005. Bermudez was caught on video by several camera phones and was put on paid administrative leave. He has not released a statement about his actions.

Although the videos are shocking, there are those who understand why Bermudez would trip and push the students to prevent them from rushing the field. Those who knew the officer said that he was only trying to protect the soccer players and prevent fights from breaking out between teams and students.

Most people do not agree and think that the officer should have handled the situation much differently. Many students, teachers and parents were outraged by the videos. The videos were shared on twitter where many other people also shared their opinions and disbelief at the officer's actions.

Several students were hurt after being tripped or pushed by the officer and one student was even seen limping off the field. Several students called the school board and the police department to complain about the incident.

“I’m sure he was just trying to keep the players safe; it was just his method in which he chose to do it that’s questionable,” School Board President Pam Waggoner said.

The police department is investigating the incident and will determine if Bermudez was acting inappropriately and what his punishment should be. Do you think the police officer was being a bully or was he just trying to prevent fights and problems after the intense soccer game?

Image via Twitter