Plex For Google TV About To Get An Update

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Users of Plex for Google TV can expect an update to the app soon, according to a recent post on Google TV’s official blog. The update brings a host of new features designed to make Plex far more friendly to your Google TV screen. New features include an updated user interface that makes for a much more convenient browsing experience. Other new features include On Deck, which allows you to quickly move to the next episode of a TV show you’re watching, as well as easier access to recently-added content.

Plex is a platform that allows users to stream audio and video content from their computers to a variety of devices, including iOS and Android devices, Roku (though the Roku channel is still in beta), and Google TV. Plex is compatible with an impressive array of video and audio formats, and also provides access to a variety of streaming online content including CNN, CNet, the NASA channel, TED Talks, and more.

To use Plex on your Google TV (or iPhone, Android phone, Roku, etc.), you have to have the Plex Media Server running on your computer (Mac, PC, and Linux are all supported). Plex will automatically locate media servers on the same wireless network. You can also connect using myPlex. Sign into your myPlex account in Plex Media Server, then on your Google TV, and Plex delivers your content to your TV. The myPlex service also works with mobile platforms like iOS and Android, making it possible to stream your content from virtually anywhere, so long as the computer running Plex Media Server is on and connected to the internet.

Plex for Google TV is available for $0.99 in the Android App Market. The only hint the blog post gives for the updates availability is “shortly.” Plex for Android, meanwhile, is $4.99 (a universal iOS app is also available in the App Store for $4.99).

Speaking as someone who uses Plex for iOS and Roku, I have to say that it’s pretty amazing. The Google TV app looks pretty great, too. Give it a try, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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