Playstation Vita Firmware Update v1.66 Is Now Live

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Yesterday Playstation released a firmware update for the Playstation Vita. Less than 24 hrs later, firmware v1.66 is up and running and available for download. The reason why apparently was something technical so Playstation quickly pulled the update.

v1.66 also includes some new UI tweaks:

-The [System Music] setting in Settings > [Sound & Display] now affects BGM in PS Store, near and Sign-Up screens as well as the Home menu.

-When searching for location data, users now have the option to ‘Retry’ and ‘Cancel’ when a failure occurs.

-A progress bar is introduced for application installation.

-A direct link to PlayStation Store is made available for new applications that users may discover on near.

-Users can now update data at any time within near, provided they are within the same location.

-The display time of notification alerts has been reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.

-Functional improvements have been made in the following games and applications: Unit 13, Gravity Daze, near.

These updates will be on top of what was updated yesterday:

-A “Notification Alert” option will be added to Settings, so you can toggle alerts on or off

-“After 10 minutes” will be added to the time options under Power Save Settings

-An Arrow icon will now appear when PS Vita finds new activities in the LiveArea

-Caps Lock will be supported in the On Screen Keyboard

As always there are several ways to update the firmware on your PS Vit. You can select “System Update” under the “Settings” menu and download the firmware directly to your PS Vita over Wi-Fi or you can connect your PS Vita to a PS3 or a PC/Mac and update via Content Manager.

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