PlayStation Network Back Online Within a Week (Maybe)

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When it's all said and done, it looks like the PSN may be down for over 2 weeks.

The latest official update posted to the PlayStation blog takes the form of a Q&A, much of it mirroring questions outlined yesterday in an offical Sony FAQ page that was linked to from the blog.  Here's what now-very-widely-known Director of Corporate Communications Patrick Seybold has to say:

First off, we want to again thank you for your patience. We know that the PlayStation Network and Qriocity outage has been frustrating for you. We know you are upset, and so we are taking steps to make our services safer and more secure than ever before. We sincerely regret any inconvenience or concern this outage has caused, and rest assured that we’re going to get the services back online as quickly as we can.

We received a number of questions and comments yesterday and early today relating to the criminal intrusion into our network. We’d like to address some of the most common questions today.

We are also going to continue to post updates to this blog with any additional information and insight that we can over the next few days.

We are reading your comments. We are listening to your suggestions. Please keep them coming.

It's good to see that Sony is at least feigning a dialogue with users.  Besides the obvious frustration of not being able to play your games online, PS3 owners have been the most frustrated with that lack of transparency regarding the "external intrusion."  Users were not notified until a week after the initial outage that their personal information had been compromised

The latest update from Sony reminds users that although no evidence is yet available that their credit info was stolen, users should brace for that likely possibility.  One bit of good news - even if the credit card numbers and expiration dates were stolen, the CVC security code from the back of your card were not obtained because the PSN and Qriocity does not ask for it.

The real news from this latest blog post is that there is a very soft time-frame for when the PSN will be restored.  I repeat, WoW Gold Guide, very soft:

Our employees have been working day and night to restore operations as quickly as possible, and we expect to have some services up and running within a week from yesterday. However, we want to be very clear that we will only restore operations when we are confident that the network is secure.

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