PlayStation Cloud Domains Registered by Sony's Gaikai

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It's the eve of Sony's big PlayStation 4 announcement, and rumors are beginning to give way to leaks.

The news broke today that multiple internet domains for the phrase "PlayStation Cloud" have been registered. The domains and, as well as PlayStation-Cloud and PS-Cloud on many different domains. The domains were all registered last Friday, February 15.

What makes this news relevant is that the contact info for the domains refers to Gaikai, the streaming gaming company that Sony acquired in 2012. The Gaikai connection and the PlayStation Cloud name confirms that the websites will point to a Sony product or service at some point. Whatever it is, PlayStation Cloud is coming soon.

With the PlayStation 4 announcement just one day away, the registration of these new domains suggests that an announcement involving PlayStation Cloud could be coming during that presentation.

The word "Cloud" is vague in terms of what service could be offered, since many PC digital right management (DRM) schemes and the PlayStation Network itself already feature "cloud saves" that sync player stats and data across platforms. The connection to Gaikai, however, lends credence to reports yesterday that stated Sony's new console will be backwards-compatible with PlayStation 3 games via Gaikai streaming technology.

Needless to say, a PlayStation 4 that comes with on-demand access for PlayStation 3 (and other console) games would be easier for Sony to market than the normal route of touting a small lineup of (often lackluster) launch titles.

(via the NeoGAF forums)

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