Pinterest Users Influence Social Media Shopping

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Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing sites of its kind, seeing a huge leap in numbers in the past year as referrals from Facebook jumped past 60%; the number of users grew by about 4,000%. For a young startup, that's incredible.

Now, Science--a group started by former Myspace CEO Mike Jones--has acquired a company called PinPuff, which measures influence on Pinterest and is being compared to Klout. The reach of just one social media user is of heightened importance these days, especially with Pinterest, whose users have been proven to buy more items, spend more money, and complete more transactions online than any other site. In short, the people who use Pinterest are the ones at the heart of every social media outlet on the market these days, and what they're looking at and buying is critical to any successful merchant.

It is with that in mind, perhaps, that the people who built an analytics system for Pinterest have now launched ShopInterest, which focuses on the growing social media shopping trend that's currently sweeping the nation. Basically, ShopInterest is a DIY online shop for merchants to create pinboards of the stuff they sell--sort of like a cross between Pinterest and Etsy--and get paid while promoting their brand with Pinterest's long arm of influence.



The site was created over a long weekend, so it may still have some kinks to work out, but for now it's looking good, and it may just garner a whole new fan base as Pinterest users discover the wonders of buying their favorite pinned items.

Amanda Crum
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