Pinterest Now Supports Vimeo


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Pinterest just announced that its users now have to ability to pin Vimeo clips alongside of YouTube content on its video feed. The interface is pretty much the same as usual, with Pinterest users describing their video pins.

To pin a video item, users can install the Pin It bookmarklet to their browser’s bookmarks, by following the steps outlined in the video below, which describes the process for Google Chrome:

Once installed, embedded Vimeo videos from anywhere on the web can be pinned.

The arrangement will likely do more for Vimeo, which is a site catered more to professional videographers and designers than say, YouTube. It was recently reported that Pinterest is the web's third most popular social network, behind Facebook and Twitter, and will surely become a huge referrer of traffic for Vimeo. Though, there has always been speculation about how Pinterest will ultimately handle copyright issues, as every image, and now video, on the internet rapidly gets pinned to its boards. As of now, Pinterest holds its members solely responsible for what they pin and repin, and backs this up by the aforementioned collection user comments before anything can be added. It will be interesting to see how long this lasts.