Pinterest-Like Chinese Company May Sue Facebook Over Timeline

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The end is near for all of the Timeline holdouts out there, as Facebook has already begun the process of slowly switching every old profile-user to the new Timeline. Of course, this is causing some users to complain, as Timeline is definitely not the most popular feature that the company has ever unveiled.

And these users might not be the only group perturbed at Facebook over the Timeline. A Chinese Company that runs a "Pinterest-style" site is contemplating a lawsuit the would purport that the Facebook founder stole the idea from their "Timeline" feature, which appeared nearly three years earlier.

Cubic Network and founder Xiong Wanli isn't just claiming that Facebook took the idea for Timeline from their feature, but that Mark Zuckerberg himself lifted the concept from a lecture given by Wanli at Stanford University.

Cubic Network's "Timeline" is described as a Pinterest-like content sharing platform that allows its members to share images and videos. Its user base is mostly Chinese.

Cubic Network is really pushing the claim that Zuckerberg and Facebook ripped them off completely. Not only are they saying that Facebook stole the idea of Timeline from them, and implying that Zuckerberg first heard the idea as an audience member in a lecture, but they're also saying that Facebook's logo for their annual F8 conference looks eerily similar to's logo (Cubic Network's property). You may remember, F8 is where Zuckerberg first unveiled the Timeline.

Apparently, the Chinese company has been aware of Timeline since then. They are just acting now because legal counsel has informed them that they have a case - or as MICGadget puts it, "they reminded them of something."

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