Phil Jackson Very Likely To Join the Knicks

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Phil Jackson can't seem to shake the allure of the game. It just calls him right back, and oh, no… now he's with the Knicks.

Staying true to his word on being done with coaching, New York Times reports that anonymous sources have announced that Jackson has agreed to a presidency position in an attempt to straighten up the troubled Knicks' organization.

Phil Jackson was a part of the Knicks' championship teams as a player in the 1970's, and he is obviously no stranger to championships during his time leading Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls along with some other team with their star player being a guy who likely brings steak sauce to your mind for some reason a few years ago.

Either way, the Zen will be in full effect as Phil takes on the task of rearranging the badly mismanaged Knicks office. There is a possibility that the Knicks may not make it to the post-season with a 26-40 record despite having the second-highest payroll in the NBA, and the team is mostly full of average players except for Carmelo Anthony. Zen Master Phil also has to deal with James L. Dolan, the Knicks' notorious owner. Dolan has been known for actions that could be considered brash and hasty to some; Dolan has gone through six coaches since 2004, and replaced general manager Glen Grunwald with Steve Mills right before the start of

Phil Jackson's first and most important task likely consists of convincing Carmelo Anthony to stay put, unless he has a better option. Which you never know with a man who is known for forming winning teams as opposed to being satisfied with one star player.

Jackson has commented on the Knicks a couple years back, calling them "clumsy" with "flawed" roster choices. Now it looks as if he'll be able to take matters into his own hands, and hopefully soon the city can celebrate a few more victories than before.

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