Petition Calls For Denmark To Ban Bestiality

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The past two years have not been good for zoophiles in Europe. In 2013, Germany passed a bill banning bestiality and Sweden banned the practice earlier this year. Now animal rights activists have their sights set on Denmark - one of the last major European countries that still permits bestiality.

Animal rights activists have started a petition calling on Denmark to make bestiality illegal. They note that Denmark bans the "rape, torture and abuse of animals," but says that the line between use and abuse is all too thin when it comes to the law. In other words, zoophiles can claim that their relations are strictly consensual thus deflecting any allegations of abuse.

The problem in Denmark goes beyond a few sheep lovers here and there though. Just like in Germany, there are "barnyard brothels" in Denmark where zoophiles are charged anywhere between $85 to $170 to have sex with animals. While you can technically make an argument that loving your dog a little too much is totally fine, it's hard to see any merits to locking up animals purely for the sexual gratification of the highest bidder.

Denmark also has animal rights activists anger because it's currently enforcing what they see as a double standard. The country recently passed a bill that bans the slaughter of animals unless it's first stunned. The law has angered some religious groups that practice ritualistic slaughter. Despite their protests, Denmark moved forward with the bill saying "there has to be a balance between religious issues and animal rights." While zoophilia is hardly a religious issue, people are beginning to question why Denmark will ban ritualistic slaughter but not the local barnyard brothel.

If Denmark does ban bestiality, it will be one of the last few holdouts to finally ban the practice. Outside of Denmark, only Finland, Italy and Hungary allow it in Europe.

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