Peter Parker Death Has Fans Divided


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Peter Parker, otherwise known as Spider-Man, dies in the latest issue of the long running comic series. It's not too surprising either as both Marvel and DC have been killing off characters to only resurrect them in later reboots and retellings. The surprising part is how Peter Parker was killed, and that has some fans not too happy with Spider-Man scribe Dan Slott.

For those who don't mind spoilers, Spider-Man No. 700 sees Peter Parker being defeated by Doctor Octopus. That wouldn't be too surprising of an ending as Doctor Octopus is one of Spider-Man's most well known and longest standing villains. What surprised fans is that Doctor Octopus realizes that Spider-Man was actually a force for good in the world and transfers his mind to Parker's body to continue on as Spider-Man himself.

The death has proven to be somewhat controversial among fans of the character, and they have been voicing their displeasure to series writer Dan Slott on Twitter. Some fans have even taken to sending death threats to Slott, but others have stood up for the writer by sending him praise and well wishes.

All the complaints won't stop Slott, however, as he is preparing to launch an entirely new Spider-Man series called The Superior Spider-Man. The series will take on a much darker tone, and could prove interesting to long time fans of the man that can do whatever a spider can.

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