Peter Molyneux's 22cans Posts Kickstarter For New God Game


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Peter Molyneux is no stranger to games which put the player in the position of ultimate authority over the lives of many. He designed games such as Populous and Black & White, and is considered by many to be the inventor of the "god game" genre. However, Molyneux is also no stranger to overhyping his games. So, when the man announces his intention to reinvent the god game, it's perfectly natural to be both excited and skeptical.

Today, Molyneux's 22cans studio launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new god game called Godus. The game is being developed for PC and mobile platforms. It will task players with building up a cult and engaging in a power struggle with other gods and their cults. It promises to be set in a world that changes and is shaped by the actions of the player. 22cans promises Godus will be easy to learn, but "immensely deep."

The goal of the Kickstarter project is to raise £450,000. Judging by the recent overwhelming success of Kickstarter video game projects such as Obsidian Entertainment's Project Eternity and Tim Schafer's Double Fine Adventure, 22cans shouldn't have much trouble reaching its relatively modest goal. Rewards for backing the Kickstarter project include in-game rewards, alpha access to the game, and signed t-shirts. For a £5,000 donation, players can travel to the 2013 E3 as a guest of honor with Molyneux and 22cans.

22cans was founded by Molyneux to "make gaming meaningful." They are calling their games experiments and trying to engage players in new ways. Earlier this month, the developer released a game called Curiosity, which tasks players with chipping (tapping) away at a shared cube with the goal of being the first and only person to find out what is in the center.