PayPal Gets a Much Needed Website Makeover

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No doubt PayPal is a leader in the payment industry, but many thought the website could use a little refresh. Apparently so did PayPal, because today they are expected to unveil a much needed redesign of their main website.

According to Tech Crunch, who was the first to confirm the redesign, the popularity of mobile payments had a lot to do with the decision to make the site more user friendly. At the forefront of the redesign is a touch-friendly layout, obviously aimed at tablets and other touchscreen devices.

While details are hard to come by at this stage of the game, what we do know is that the site will be less cluttered, critical information will be easier to find, and the navigation bars will be more intuitive.

One thing that always annoyed me about PayPal is how long it takes to find the information I'm looking for. Menu after menu, it was a real process to get answers, and of course, it's near impossible to get ahold of a real person if you can't find what you're looking for. Hopefully, this was a major driver in the push for a makeover.

Naturally, we'll be revisiting this redesign story as PayPal unveils their new look sometime later today. Perhaps it is only skin-deep at this point, but if PayPal wants to stay competitive, they will have to stay ahead of the pack.

Currently, they have a collection of great retail partnerships and a widely recognized brand name, and if they can make their latest effort to bring PayPal to conventional television sets a success, they will cement their position in the ever-evolving payments marketplace.

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