Payday 2 Gets Some Holiday Themed DLC

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With the rise of DLC, games can now more accurately accommodate the holidays with additional content not found in the base game. Saints Row IV is already doing it, and now Payday 2 is offering some holiday themed content as well.

This week, Overkill Software announced that Payday 2 will be getting a free DLC pack called The Charlie Santa Heist. The heist gives players a new heist to complete that's based on a map from Counter Strike: Global Offensive. While that's not exactly holiday-themed, players will be able to don a Santa Claus mask while carrying out the heist.

What's interesting about this announcement is that Overkill Software calls this the first annual "Overkill Xmas heist." That implies that the studio plans on releasing a new holiday themed heist every year. It certainly wouldn't be the first co-op shooter to do so as Killing Floor has been hosting its "Twisted Christmas" event for the past several years.

Here's a trailer showing the DLC heist in action:

As previously mentioned, the Charlie Santa Heist is available free of charge to all owners of the game. The PC version should have been automatically updated with the content already. There's no word yet on if the content will be coming to the console versions.

Image via OVERKILLSoftwareTM/YouTube

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