Paulina Gretzky Wows in Tiny Bikini [PHOTO]


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For those who might have been thinking about taking up golf, here's a little incentive for you: Paulina Gretzky. For the past few weeks the 25-year old model and singer has been making her away around the Hawaiian islands with her pro-golf husband Dustin Johnson. But what's been just a vacation for them, has turned into a bikini fashion show for the rest of us, as Gretzky has been the star of many paparazzi photos that have gone completely viral in the past few weeks.

One photo shows her sitting on top of a rock and staring out into the ocean blue, and while doing that, she's sporting an in a itty-bitty yellow bikini that probably couldn't be any smaller. Obviously, the photo received thousands of "likes" in just a couple of weeks and tons of comments from adoring fans.

"Wow. Stunning," one fan wrote. "Little slice of heaven," wrote another one, as most people chose to be tasteful in their comments and not vulgar, which shows the photos are sexy but tasteful.

Another photo shows Gretzky sprawled out on that same rock, giving fans a full view of her swimsuit, designer sunglasses and pretty facial features. Now whether she was simply catching some rays, or whether she was in the middle of a makeshift photo shoot is unknown, but either way, the stunning photo received tons of attention and comments on her Instagram page.

The third photo, slash video, doesn't show any skin, but it's gone extremely viral nonetheless. In it, Gretzky takes a pretty decent golf swing and looks like someone who's been playing the sport for several years, so there's no doubt that Johnson has been giving his girlfriend some decent tips, which Gretzky alludes to. "Gettin a little better thanks to my coach," she wrote when posting the image.

Image via YouTube