Pauley Perrette: "NCIS's" Abby Sciuto Relies on Strong Christian Faith in Wake of Vicious Assault, Perpetrator Charged

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Pauley Perrette, best known for her NCIS role as the lovable Abby Sciuto, has clung to her strong Christian faith in the wake of the violent assault that wounded her last week.

It was around 5 p.m. last Thursday when Pauley Perrette walked to her guest house to meet her architect when the attack took place.

The actress shares details of the assault via Twitter.

Despite her fears, Pauley Perrette went to church on Sunday as usual. She attends the Hollywood United Methodist Church near her home. A source there reported she was with two close friends.

The pastor brought up what happened to Perrette, in front of the entire congregation.

"Even though this man was punching her and threatening her life, Pauley prayed for her safety and for him," he said. "One, she was able to pull the strings of God's love for each of us...and was able to ask his name, then connect with him on a human level and say, 'Your name is William?' That's my sweet nephew's name too. When Pauley was telling her story to the media on Friday, first by proclaiming herself as a person of faith....Second, she proclaimed her forgiveness for the man who assaulted her. And third, she not only called attention to the critical need for mental health services in our country but especially here in Hollywood."

The pastor also talked about the man who assaulted Pauley Perrette. David Merck, a homeless man, is in jail and has been charged with the crime.

"He's now hopefully receiving treatment but he's definitely in jail," he said. "And we just wanted to say we are so glad that you (Perrette) are here and we love you very much."

Church members applauded Pauley Perrette following the pastor's words.

Fans might find it intriguing that quirky Abby Sciuto is a devout Christian. Many have incorrect perceptions of Christians--assuming they all behave like the Duggar family on the now-cancelled 19 Kids and Counting. That is definitely not the case.

How wonderful that Pauley Perrette has that strong faith the count on in the aftermath of this horrific experience, and how extraordinary it is that she found forgiveness for the man who committed this heinous crime.

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